I started this blog back as a lowly undergrad with the intention of using it as a space to document exciting trips and explore topics and ideas outside the confines of my degree programme.  Several years (and many a blog hiatus) later, the blog is still going, albeit with a bit of a change of focus.  I decided to use this space to give a bit of insight into the world of a Classics & Ancient History PhD student, detailing not just the adventures and highlights, but parts of the day to day process of doing research.  

I'm coming to the end of my first year as a NWCDTP-funded student at the University of Liverpool, working on a project titled 'Lucanian Transformations: Civil War, Necromancy, and the Resurrection of Rome' with Professor Bruce Gibson and Dr. Alexei Zadorozhny.  When not working on Lucan, my research interests include Latin Literature (more generally), Flavian Epic (Valerius Flaccus in particular), the Classical Hero, Sophoclean Tragedy, Ancient Rhetoric, and Classical Receptions in Opera.  

When not being academic, I can be found reading, playing polo, or playing the violin in a string quartet. 

If you fancy a chat, I can be found on Twitter @ElainaM42


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