An Achievement!

As a keen researcher and aspiring academic, I always dreamed of having some of my work-- a review, an article, anything at all-- published before I finished my undergraduate degree, or before I turned twenty one. Thanks to The Undergraduate Exeter, a journal founded at Exeter University to showcase Undergraduate essays and articles, my dream came true! I decided to submit one of my coursework essays from the first semester, which looked at Lucan's position within the Roman epic tradition, asking whether he was an innovator within this tradition or a rebel against it. I came across Lucan about six years ago, when I was doing research for my Extended Project Qualification at School. I had initially intended to write my essay on the portrayal of war and conflict in different genres of Latin literature, but when I found Lucan, I knew I had to change direction. This sparked an interest which has yet to abate or die down! Having read the Bellum Civile multiple times, studied the Latin V course at Exeter TWICE (I just couldn't get enough and had to take the class a year early), written and planned various essays, and made considerable headway into a dissertation on this very subject, I still find new readings, meanings, and hidden gems in Lucan everyday. It's safe to say that I've found something to study for many years to come. 

For anyone interested in Lucan and his place in the epic tradition, follow the link below!


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