Adventures in Paris

So, in an effort to continue to resurrect this blog (which I have neglected shamelessly over the years!), I intended to write something about some of the texts I've been looking at recently as part of my PhD work.  But then I took off to Paris for the weekend, and spent a few glorious days running around a beautiful city, admiring its striking architecture, eating (far too much of) its wonderful food, and taking in the treasures housed in its museums.  I'm sure there will be a time when I will go into everything I managed to see on my brief visit, but, for a few reasons, that time isn't now.  Firstly, I'm writing this on my phone on a train with a very shaky internet connection while zooming back to Liverpool.  Secondly, I am meant to be working on a chapter draft for my supervisor, but I am choosing to procrastinate instead (sorry Bruce!), and so feel too guilty to divert too much time away from my main task.  So instead, I'll leave you with a few of my favourite photos from my visit to the Louvre during my little trip! I hope you enjoy...


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