Let's Talk Academia

My little blog has been a bit quiet over the last week or so...  This is because I was invited to contribute a little something to another blog, 'Let's Talk Academia', run by fellow AHRC NWCDTP student Emily Lynn.  'Let's Talk Academia' is a really great online resource for students, PGRs, and researchers to share experiences, talk about various aspects and difficulties of academic life, and offer the support and reassurance that someone else is experiencing the same things you are.  At a time when it can feel like my PhD and my research is my entire world, I've found it so comforting to be able to check in to this collaborative space, and see what others are doing to tackle their academic hurdles.  Emily invited me to do a bit of a Q&A about my experiences of PhD life so far, which gave me the chance to really look back over the last couple of months and gain some perspective on what I've achieved so far, and where my PhD journey is heading in the future.  So, if you're a fellow PhD student, you're thinking of embarking upon further study in the future, or you're just curious about getting a snapshot of academic life, follow the link below!


Let's Talk Academia also have an active Facebook page, where you can find all sorts of articles, discussions, and fantastic motivational posts!


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